Is Working Out at Home Better than the Gym?

Is it better to workout at the gym or at home? What if I told you that working out at home can give you amazing results? The reality is that you can get in great shape with exercise that you do at home.

Is Working Out at Home as Better then the Gym?
In this article I have 5 reasons why working out from home can be the gym of your dreams.

Reasons Why Working Out from Home is Better than the Gym

1 – Baby It’s Cold Outside!

Sometimes the thought of going out of the house when it’s cold out is enough to make me want to stay in my warm house! Fortunately with home workouts, your gym is anywhere in your cozy home!

Put on some sweats and get moving without braving the cold outdoors. This is my top reason why working out at home rocks!

Workout at home when it's cold outside

2 – Exercise on a Flexible Schedule

Trying to fit my schedule in with the gym schedule doesn’t usually work too well. Being flexible does! Being able to workout at any time you want puts all your excuses to rest. You can work out in the middle of the day or the middle of the night!

Flexibility is one of the great benefits of working out at home.

home workouts flexible schedule

3 – No Germs to Worry About

Have you ever seen someone sweat all over an exercise machine at the gym and not bother to wipe it off? How about someone who wipes their nose and then grabs some weights? Gross!

Germ at the gym
Working out at home eliminates the spread of germs, especially at times when flu-like illnesses are going around.

4 – Wear Whatever You Want

Workout in your underwear if you want to! No one is around except you (and maybe your family.) I love to workout in whatever clothing I grab, whether it matches or not.
Even if you didn’t brush your hair yet, it won’t matter.

5 – Your Personal Trainers are at Home with You

Having an expert trainer that gives the right motivation at the right time is always a plus! Whether you work out with Shaun T., Tony Horton or Autumn Calabrese, they always manage to push you even harder!

autumn calabrese hammer chisel


There is a lot of exercise that you can do at home with expert trainers! What if you could get in the best shape of your life without ever leaving your home to do it?

Well, you can!

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