Where to Buy Les Mills Pump Equipment

You can buy Les Mills Pump equipment for this new at-home fitness program. It comes  with all the equipment you need to get world-class results but you may need additional options. You can get in the best shape of your life with a special technique called The Rep Effect that uses high repetitions and light weights.

This is a great if you want to do the workout in your home with another person, or if you want more options for the barbell weights.

Where to buy Les Mills Pump EquipmentLes Mills Pump Equipment: Barbell Weights

These barbell weights give you more flexibility in your workouts and are specially created for the LES MILLS PUMP barbell. They are vinyl-coated and do not rust, chip, or need repainting. I also love the fact that are gentle when you place them on the floor. These weights are also designed to hold in your hand for  moves that don’t require the bar.

Plates available in:

  • 2.5 lb.
  • 5 lb.
  • 10 lb.
  • 25 lb.

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Additional Les Mills Pump EquipmentBarbell With Speed Safety Clips

Get an extra barbell and do the workout with a friend! Equipped with a padded grip and quick release safety clips for fast and easy plate changing. The barbell also stores easily in two pieces.

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Extra safety clips for Les Mills PumpSpeed Safety Clips

Safety clips are a must to hold the weight plates on the barbell. This will not only help with safety, but you will be more stable and balanced as you progress through your Les Mills Pump barbell workout.

  • Made of heavy-duty polyethylene plastic
  • Easy to slide on and slide off so you can quickly switch plates during workouts

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Step With 4 Risers

This step is 3 tools in one! It’s a weight bench, cardio-conditioner and sculpting platform! It comes with 4 risers and helps intensify your workout for even better results. You can “buy Les Mills Pump Equipment” you need for the most effective workout.

  • Step with risers for Pump workoutUse it during strength work for chest presses and tricep dips
  • Build up the steps to jump, kick, and lunge at different heights
  • Great for increasing your heart rate and burning more calories

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