Water is Essential to Good Health

drink water for healthWater is essential to good health. Did you know that it makes up 60 percent of your body weight? Your entire body depends on water in some way. It flushes those nasty toxins out of your vital organs and carries nutrients to your cells.

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What happens if you do not drink enough water? Dehydration! Have you had it? A mild case of dehydration can make you very weak and tired. So be sure to drink lots of this life saver in the heat!

Your body naturally loses water each day through normal bodily functions. Your job is to replace it! I abide by the 8 glasses (1.9 liters) per day rule, it works well for me. You can also judge if you have enough intake by observing the color of your urine. It should be clear or a little yellow, and you should not feel thirsty.

If you are working out, make sure you drink water. You lose lots  through sweat and need to replace it or you can get dehydrated.

Now that you decided to drink enough of it each day to be healthy, the next controversial topic is the purity. There is a lot of talk about how bottled water is not really filtered and no better than what you get from the tap.

Beyond that, it’s just too darn expensive and fills the landfills exponentially with plastic. Not enough people recycle, hopefully you do!

I choose to use a water filter and a reusable bottle. This combination ensures that I get REAL filtered water, cuts the cost of otherwise expensive plastic bottles, and I don’t contribute to the landfills with miles of plastic .

Recently, a new reusable water bottle came on the market that I just had to have. I am very happy with it so far. This water bottle is the KOR ONE, which is also free of bisphenol-A (BPA), a leaching toxin found in polycarbonate bottles.

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It’s never too late to start drinking the proper amount of water for a healthier you!