TurboFire HIIT 15 Class Review

If you think 16 minutes of intense cardio conditioning is easy, think again! Chalene Johnson’s TURBOFIRE is a high intensity fitness program that includes HIIT workouts or High Intensity Interval Training. I received my TURBO FIRE preview workout last week and all I can say is WOW! The TURBOFIRE HIIT 15 Class was extremely intense and challenging. Although the HIIT workouts are short, the intensity with which you are urged to do them means you can work out for half the time as normal cardio and burn 9 times more calories and fat.

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HIIT consists of 30-second bursts of cardio performed at your highest intensity level to get your metabolism going strong and help you burn calories for up to 24 hours after your TurboFire workout! Your workout does not have to be long if you are willing to give the intensity to your workout.

This workout DVD is different from others. Chalene conducts the TURBOFIRE workout in a fitness class setting so you feel like you are really in the class. The camera pans around the room instead of staying in one spot so you may see people in front of you or off to the side. You always have a great view of TurboFire creator, Chalene Johnson performing the exercises. She is on a great looking TurboFire themed stage set higher than the class. The best part about this class is that you can do it in the comfort of your home and avoid driving to the gym to fight for the best spot in TURBOFIRE class!

Chalene starts the TurboFire HIIT workout with a full body warmup that lasts about 3 minutes. One of the TurboFire cast members is a modifier that is easy to follow if you need a low impact TURBO FIRE workout. Chalene incorporates “Fire Drills” into the workout. This workout included 3 drills repeated 3 times. First, she shows you what each drill looks like and then the class does the drill together at normal speed and intensity.

After you learn the TURBOFIRE drill, Chalene leads you through a jump rope move until the siren goes off. A timer appears in the lower left of the screen with a burning fire around it! This is the Fire Drill! It’s very exhilarating. For 34 seconds, you do the TurboFire drill as fast and intense as you can go! It was very challenging! When the fire drill is over, you walk in place to keep moving for 30 seconds to recover.

Chalene is an awesome motivator, urging everyone to jump higher and push harder. After resting, you go through the same moves again, starting with jumping rope and then do the drill again at the sound of the siren. Some of the moves includes jacks, air jumps with arms, squat jumps, ski moves, and side squats. Chalene then leads you through the second and third fire drills and the moves get harder.

Although this TurboFire HIIT class was only 16 minutes, it was intense. I am in great shape and had a tough time getting through TurboFire. I like the format of Turbo Fire because I really felt more like I was in a class instead of just following an instructor on a DVD. It’s very cool!

Following the moves was a challenge but after doing the Turbo Fire DVD a couple of times, it got better.

With 12 workout classes to get you fit,  the music is great and it’s very exciting when the fire drill starts!

TurboFire is available now!

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