Tropical Shakeology Vegan

You can eat healthy with Tropical Shakeology vegan and enjoy the taste of a natural and delicious drink.

The delicious  fruity flavors like coconut, strawberry, banana, and pineapple make it a delight for your tastebuds. The brand new vegan drink abounds with good-for-you nutrients and is convenient so that you can save time. Given it’s mellow flavor, you can add a lot of healthy things to tickle your taste-buds.

Beachbody Ultimate Brand is Tropical Shakeology Vegan

The newest addition to the Shakeology flavor family is also the first product to be part of Beachbody’s Ultimate brand and just the beginning of amazing health products to come.

There are new superfoods that are now included with this vegan tropical drink, such as konjac root, luo han huo, Himalayan salt, and coconut flower nectar. Every important nutrient is derived from foods that are all natural and whole. No vitamin and mineral additives have been added and it has not been fortified in any way.

A source of all nine necessary amino acids, Tropical Shakeology Vegan is digested and able to be assimilated in new ways.

  • Coconut flower nectar provides a sweet taste, with a delicious nectar taken from the coconut plant. It has many nutrients and is a low glycemic index food to keep your body’s sugar levels regular.
  • Luo Han Guo is another sweet flavor that goes into this drink. This was initially used by Asians due to its medical qualities and antioxidant properties.
  • Salt from the Himalayas is a highly pure, low toxin salt. It adds to the sweetness of the products.
  • Konjac Root is rich in dietary fiber. You feel fuller for longer because it slows down how quickly the stomach empties.

A great way to get all the nutrients you need is to drink “Tropical Shakeology Vegan”. You’ll finally have the energy you want and a way to lose that body fat.

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