Top 4 Fitness Myths

When it comes to fitness, we hear information from many different sources and everyone claims to be an expert. Sometimes our family and friends give us fitness information that is not always true. They heard it from someone and just passed it on.

If you listen to everything you hear, you may never reach your goals. How can you tell a fitness truth from fiction? Here are 4 common fitness myths that we can clear up for you right now.

  1. Cardio workouts are the best way to burn calories and fat.
    FACT: While you are doing cardiovascular exercise, you definitely burn up the calories. But what happens when you stop the workout? The best workout is one where you burn calories long after the workout ends and the way to do that is by lifting weights. It’s called the EPOC effect (excess post oxygen consumption). If you want to burn more calories, then go build muscle!
  2. For strength training, free weights and barbells are not as good as machines at the gym
    FACT: We love those machines at the gym! Comfy, shiny equipment like that is sure to pump us up! Not true. Gym equipment isolates muscles quite well but you don’t get the beneficial synergistic effect. When you use free weight and barbells, you also use other muscles in your body for stabilizing and get a more comprehensive workout. Try a barbell-based workout today!
  3. Diet and aerobic workouts will help you lose weight fast
    FACT: Weight training is a more effective way to lose fat. Add weight training to aerobic exercise to get lean muscle, burn more calories, and tone even faster.
  4. Lifting weights makes women look too bulky
    FACT: Sure, if anyone lifts big heavy weights and eats massive amounts of food, they may just get a little bulky. Anyone that uses lower weight loads and high repetition won’t get big muscles or bulk. That will give you the lean, toned look!