Team Beachbody e-Gift Cards

This year, use e-gift cards to give the gift of fitness and health to family and friends! You can purchase Team Beachbody e-Gift cards and send to anyone you want via email. These electronic gift certificates are easy to buy and easy to use. Then, your recipient can redeem it just like cash and it never expires!

The recipient of your Beachbody e-Gift card can purchase proven fitness program like P90X, Insanity, TurboFire, Slim in 6 and many others suited for every fitness level. They can also purchase a variety of nutritionals and supplements like Shakeology or P90X Results and Recovery drink.

There are an array of designs to choose from: holiday messages, encouragement, birthday, thank-you, and more. Once you select your Beachbody e-card design, choose your dollar amount. You can select from $25, $50, $100, $250, and $500.

The card will be added to your shopping cart and if you are a Team Beachbody member, you can just complete your purchase. If you are not a Team Beachbody member, you will be prompted to sign up. Don’t worry, it’s free!

Once your purchased is finalized, you will receive the following 2 emails:

  • Order confirmation detail your purchase.
  • The e-gift card you created with amount. You can personalize it for your recipient.

To redeem the Beachbody eGift card, just follow the Redeem Now button on the eGift card. If the recipient is not a Team Beachbody member, they will be required to create a free Team Beachbody account.

The recipient can then browse for and select items to purchase in the Team Beachbody store. During the checkout process, they will select Gift Card as the payment method and enter the redemption code from the eGift card. If the item cost more than the amount of the e-Gift card, you can pay the difference using a credit card.

If the items they want to purchase cost less than the amount of the eGift card, the remaining balance will be retained on the e-Gift card for future use. They can easily check the balance by visiting the Team Beachbody store and entering the redemption code in the gift card balance box.

Beachbody e-Gift Cards are a great way to give that special person in your life their choice of fitness programs, nutritional supplements, and gear to help them look and feel better than ever!

Purchase the Team Beachbody e-Gift Card