Are P90X Supplements Worth It?

If you want to be get fitness results, you need to approach your exercise program the right way. So many people have asked me if P90X supplements are worth it. Think about this. If you want to achieve a great result, would you only go halfway? If you really want to lose weight and get […]

Body Beast vs. P90X – Which One Should You Do?

You want to get fit and ripped right? Should you dive into P90X or wait for Body Beast? It’s a big decision – which one should you do? In this article, I show you the difference between Body Beast vs. P90X workouts so you can make a good decision as to which will give you […]

Review for P90X

In this review for P90X, I give it to you straight. I’m sure you heard all the hype and how great it is. You’ve tried everything to get in shape and now you’ve heard of P90X. You’re probably wondering if it works. Maybe you already read all sorts of facts about muscle confusion and avoiding […]

Beachbody 30-Day Trial Offer for $14.95

Recently, you may have seen infomercials and ads for Beachbody fitness program where you can get a 30-day trial for just $14.95! Looks like a great deal doesn’t it? I looked at the Les Mills Pump $14.95 30-day trial offer from Beachbody. What you have to remember is that you will pay for the entire […]

Using the P90X iPhone App

The new P90X App for iPhone complements the P90X workouts that you already own. It’s not intended to replace the fitness program. The app adds convenience to your life, with personalized tools for planning and tracking your workouts that you can take with you on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. Here are some basics […]

P90X Review – Phase 1

When I heard about P90X, an extreme 90-day fitness program, I knew it was the fitness program for me. Besides, I love a good challenge. I was already very fit and healthy, focusing mostly on outdoor activities like hiking and some at-home pilates and yoga. I stopped going to the gym a couple of years […]

Greg Lost 87 Pounds with P90X

No matter where you start, P90X workout can help you lose weight just like the workout helped Greg lose 87 pounds. In April of 2009, he was turning 36 years old. On a regular doctor checkup visit, his doctor congratulated him on being the youngest, walking heart attack he’d ever seen! How is that for […]

Deanne Got Sexy Abs with P90X

Deanne’s body looks even better at 44 than it did in her 20’s. Even after having 2 kids! What’s her secret? It’s P90X, Tony Horton’s 90-day fitness system! What was she like before P90X? Everything was getting squishy and looking old. At 44 years old, she felt like she still had something inside her. When […]

P.A.P. P90X One on One – P90X2

This month’s P90X One on One workout, Post Activation Potentiation (P.A.P.) will have you building power, strength, and explosiveness. You’ll be crushing your workout with Speed Slaloms, 4-Ball Chaturangas, and more, guaranteed to turn you into a puddle of sweat in 70 minutes. In this P90X One on One workout, you’ll be working on neuromuscular […]

P90X Promo – 2 Free Workout DVDs – Team Beachbody Exclusive

P90X is the popular extreme workout program designed to transform your body from regular to ripped in just 90 days. Tony Horton, your personal trainer, will keep you engaged every step of the way, and you won’t believe your amazing results! Here is another great reason to purchase your Beachbody products at Team Beachbody! Starting […]