New YOUv2 Beachbody Fitness Program with Leandro Carvalho

Beachbody’s newest fitness program is YOUv2 with Leandro Carvalho. If you are ready to upgrade to a new version of you, then YOUv2 is for you. You can get started regardless of your fitness level or the amount of weight you would like to lose. YOUv2 is a fun, easy program that you can do. […]

Brazil Butt Lift Carnivale Tank Top Time Review

If you could do a fun workout in just 30 minutes a day, would you give it try to get bikini-ready? Leandro Carvalho designed his new Carnivale workouts to be short and nonstop so they fit into your busy schedule. You may remember Leandro is also the creator of Brazil Butt Lift, another fun, energizing […]

New Brazil Butt Lift: Carnivale – Workout Program from Leandro Carvalho

Ready for a new workout from Super trainer Leandro Carvalho? Carnivale is a new workout series with Leandro, the creator of Brazil Butt Lift. I am super excited because Leandro makes the workouts so much fun! Love his energy! Carnivale is super fun, very sweaty, non-stop, freestyle cardio dance and sculpting party. You’ll feel like […]

Team Beachbody Exclusive FREE Bonus Workout DVDs

When you are a FREE or paid member of Team Beachbody, you get access to exclusive FREE DVDs with 8 Beachbody workout programs! These FREE DVDs are not available anywhere else! Each FREE Beachbody DVD has a $19.95 value and you get it when you purchase any of the following workout programs. For some of […]

Abs Rapido – Brazil Butt Lift Workout Review

ABS RAPIDO is one of 3 workouts that are part of the Brazil Butt Lift Deluxe DVD set. At just 10 minutes, Ab Rapido is designed to slim and strengthen your abs. Leandro Carvalho does a great job of leading you through this tough workout, while making it fun. Try Brazil Butt Lift Deluxe DVD […]

Brazil Butt Lift Bum Bum Fitness DVD Review

Bum Bum is a fitness DVD included with the Brazil Butt Lift fitness program by Leandro Carvalho and is his signature workout. Bum Bum (pronounced boom-boom) means booty. This workout takes you through 30 minutes of butt exercises. You start with moves like plie, passe kick backs which also work on balance, and kick rear […]

Brazilian Butt Lift Workout DVD Fitness Program

Brazil Butt Lift is an exciting new addition to Beachbody’s Home Fitness programs. Leandro Carvalho, master trainer and “tush technician, created the Brazil Butt Lift 90-day fitness program to include all his signature booty sculpting workouts to tone, firm and lift your butt to the highest level: the Brazilian Butt. Leandro’s proven Triangle Training Method […]

Brazil Butt Lift – Higher, Rounder, Tighter!

Coming to you from Beachbody and Leandro Carvalho, master trainer and “tush technician”, is Brazil Butt Lift! This 90-day program contains all the workouts you will need to enhance your booty. Leandro Carvalho is with you for every derriere-enhancing step of the program. Brazil Butt Lift includes Leandro’s Dynamic Dozen signature move cards and much […]

Brazil Butt Lift with Leandro Carvalho

Brazil Butt Lift is a new at-home DVD fitness program that will redefine your behind – no surgery needed! Brazil Butt Lift was created by Leandro Carvalho, a physical fitness innovator who brings many influences from his native Brazil and his roots as a dancer to create unique workout programs for his clients. BRAZIL BUTT […]