Slim in 6 – Start It Up Review

Slim in 6 by Debbie SiebersSlim in 6 by Debbie Siebers is a full-body slimming and toning fitness program focused on your abs, thighs, buns, and hips. Slim in 6 includes three phases that take six weeks to complete:

  • Start It Up
  • Ramp It Up
  • Burn It Up

You also get these DVDs: Slim in 6 Pack and Slim & Limber
And, a resistance band.

Slim in 6 Start It Up is the first workout in this series and takes just 25 minutes to complete. The time goes by very fast!  The movements in Start It Up are very easy and effective. Debbie Siebers gives you a straight-forward workout without fancy dance steps or moves. In Slim in 6, you also get great reminders from Debbie Siebers on form and breathing. The repetitions are high too and very effective for firming and toning without bulk!

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In the complete 6-week program, you do Slim in 6 Start It Up until you master the moves. This takes a week or less. Then you move on to Phase 2, Ramp It Up.

Start It Up Phase 1 keeps you moving on your feet for 90% of the time, doing various moves that work all your body parts. The last 10% consists of ab work, performed on the floor.

The standing moves consist of marching in place, squat and arm combinations, and leg lunges. You are always in motion. If you cannot do the full movement, Debbie gives you alternative movements you can do instead. This is very helpful because it may take you a few days to master these movements.

Start It Up will definitely get your heart rate up! You will feel it the next day and the most important thing you can is to workout again!

Slim in 6 is a very effective fitness program that can give you results in 6 weeks when you stick with it!

I recommend Slim in 6 for anyone who is just starting a fitness program. I have recommended Slim in 6 to two friends who did not exercise. Slim in 6 was a challenge for them but already they are seeing the results of their hard work. The key is making the commitment and sticking with it!

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