Shaun T. Insanity – Insane Abs Review

Insane Abs DVDInsanity by Shaun T. is a 60-day cardio-based total body conditioning program. It is the most intense workout every put on DVD. Insane Abs is an extreme workout DVD that only comes with either the Shaun T Insanity Deluxe or Insanity Deluxe Recovery package.

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Insane Abs is 33 minutes of taking your abs to new levels that you never knew existed! Shaun T. is an excellent fitness instructor. He explains how to do the moves before you start the exercise and continues to explain as you do them. Shaun also gives you excellent tips about breathing. Best of all, he is very motivating. The exercises are harder than any exercise you may have done and sometimes you may feel like you cannot continue, but Shaun motivates you to keep going.

Insane Abs starts with a warm up that just may tire you out! Shaun takes you through 5 minutes of different types of running in place and plyo moves. You do exercises like running in place with high knees and adding a twist in the upper body- that really warms up your core! Next, you learn how to do focused Tuck Jumps, Power Jumps, and T-Kicks in Shaun T. style. If that is not enough, you do another round of the same warm up, just faster. This is when the real fun starts!

You perform the next set of exercises on the floor. There is NO laying down with these floor exercises. The position is balancing on your buttocks, with legs raised out in front and upper body at an angle (chest and head up). This really makes you focus on the core. Shaun is excellent about keeping you focused and keeping you informed of how many more seconds you stay in any position.

Once you go through one set of ab exercises, you do it again, just faster! I thought I knew all the ab exercises but no! Shaun showed me moves I never saw like power abs. You start power abs by balancing on your buttocks with legs bent and wide and your upper body off the floor at a high angle. You bring the knees towards your chest. You keep your hands on the floor for balance but put your hands in the air for round 2. Shaun gets you going on core adduction exercises that will do you in.

The floor exercises require serious control and mental strength. You will also do moves like Low Plank Hops and Oblique Rotations from a plank position. Just when you think you had enough, Shaun throws another crazy exercise at you!

I had a tough time getting through Insane Abs but pushed my way through it. I really don’t think I could have done it without Shaun’s motivation to keep me focused mentally when my body said, “no more!”. I felt great when I finished the workout, a real sense of accomplishment.

Insane Abs is not for everyone but if you can keep up, you will have the best abs ever.




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