Shakeology Workouts – The 30 DVD Review

Shakeology Workouts - The 30 DVD ReviewShakeology The Workouts – The 30 is part of a 2-DVD at-home fitness program. The complete Shakeology Program consists of the Shakeology Shake and the Workouts: The 30 and The 50 DVDs. Tania Ante leads you through the Shakeology Workouts. You may be familiar with Tania Ante from other at-home fitness programs that she appears in: Hip Hop Abs, Insanity, and Rockin’ Body DVDs. In those fitness programs, Tania was a key participant and exercise modifier, now Tania takes center stage as YOUR fitness trainer.

The 30 Shakeology Workout is a 30 minute workout that is aimed at beginners. If you are already doing more advanced fitness programs, The Shakeology Workouts are not for you! The backdrop for the workouts is stark white and the exercisers are dressed in black and white outfits for a dramatic look!

Before starting, you’ll need some equipment. A mat or towel for floor exercises, hand weights or resistance bands, water, and a towel (to wipe away the sweat!) Tania starts out The 30 Shakeology Workout with a 5 minute warmup that consists of marching in place, followed by jumping jacks, some jogging in place, and stretching. Lisette, an exerciser on the DVD is a modifier so if you want to keep it low impact, or you are just getting into the groove of exercising, you can follow the Lisette.

Once the warmup is done, Tania takes you through a very balanced combination of cardiovascular exercises for burning up the calories and strength training to tone your muscles and boost your metabolism.

You may be familiar with some of the traditional exercises that Tania introduces to you. She is very easy to follow and explains all the moves clearly. Even if you don’t get it the first time, you can always pause the DVD and start again when you are ready.

You will do moves like lateral raises for your shoulders, bicep curls, and lunges. The tricep dips are a fun challenge that will get you the toned, shapely arms you always wanted. She also combines moves like bicep curls and lunges so you get the most bang out of each exercise. Tania keeps you going through a full body workout. The final few minutes are spent down on the mat, performing a series of exercises that give you fabulous abs!

All in all, Shakeology The Workouts is a nice, all over workout. It’s not crazy or intense, but just right if you are starting out. And at $29.95 for the Shakeology Workout 2 DVD package, it’s a real bargain. You get a seasoned, experienced trainer that will help you get fit!

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