Shakeology or P90X Recovery Formula – Which One Should You Use

So what should you use, Shakeology or P90X Recovery Formula? Many people mix these up and don’t know the difference. If you are you serious about your workouts and looking for the best recovery drink, giving your body the right nutrients can make all the difference in your fitness results and muscle recovery. In this article, I’ll explain the best uses of each and why they are different.

Shakeology or P90X Recovery Formula – What’s the Difference?

Shakeology or P90X Recovery FormulaEver do a really intense, hard work out and feel your limbs shaking? That’s because your body has “hit the wall” or bonked due to lack of glycogen. That’s a fancy word for blood sugar. You’re probably thinking, “So that’s why I have no energy and I’m exhausted!”

It’s important to replace your glycogen. So which is better, “Shakeology or P90X Recovery formula?” A recovery drink with a ratio of 4 parts carbs to 1 part protein is the answer! Be sure to drink it within 30 minutes for best results.
The P90X Results and Recovery drink fits the bill. It’s the best post-reward for helping your muscles repair, grow, and most of all, reduce muscle soreness!

On the other hand, Shakeology does not contain as much sugar content as Results and Recovery drink it’s not an ideal post-workout drink. With a ratio of just 1 carb to 1 protein, it’s not effective for this purpose.

Shakeology Meal Replacement ShakeShakeology in a whole different category of drinks and shouldn’t be confused with a recovery drink at all. It’s also a little expensive to be using it as one. Let’s look more closely at why you would choose Shakeology or P90X Results Formula for a post-workout drink.

A complete meal replacement drink, Shakeology is a super nutrient dense shake made from superfoods. You can use it to replace a meal or as a snack. It’s got everything from enzymes, anitoxidents, prebiotics, adaptogens, and other highly nutritious ingredient.

You can see that it’s very different than a recovery drink. You can actually replace a meal with Shakeology even if you don’t workout!

Now that you understand when to use Shakeology or P90X Results Formula, which one will you use?

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