Paul Ryan Does P90X to Stay Fit

Paul Ryan Does P90X to Stay FitWe recently learned that Representative Paul Ryan does P90X to stay fit. This doesn’t surprise me in the least! It’s a top selling home fitness program, but more important, it works! As you know by now, Paul Ryan is the vice-presidential pick of Mitt Romney.

Paul Ryan has publicly stated his uses P90X on a regular basis, and even chummed up for a photo with the creator himself, Tony Horton. When it comes to working out, there are no Republican or Democrat division lines, it’s every man for himself! Especially if the P90X workout is being led by Tony and Paul Ryan on Capitol Hill!

As a former personal trainer, I am sure that Paul Ryan knows the importance of staying healthy and fit as seen in his physique of 6 feet, 2 inches, weighing 163 pounds with 6%-8% body fat.

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