P90X3 Workout

The new P90X3 workout is coming on December 10, 2013! Are you as excited as I am about Tony Horton’s new P90X3 fitness program?

P90X3 Fitness Program

P90X3 Fitness Program – Get Notified

P90X and P90X2 changed the fitness world and what you thought you were capable of! Now, with P90X3, you will get a big dose of a workout that is unlike any other out there.

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Tony Horton’s newest fitness program is different from anything you’ve seen before. P90X3 is the ultimate in accelerated extreme fitness! Are you excited now?

If you always wanted to get ripped, I have great news! P90X3 makes that foolproof because it’s an accelerate version of P90X. That means you can get big results in a shorter period of time. Tony Horton has been using MMA type of workouts and continuity routines like cardio and the new ab ripper that will provide the base for the new P90X3.

P90X3 Accelerated Workout Schedule

Featuring an accelerated workout schedule, P90X3 will deliver effective workouts in the shortest time possible. We don’t have any solid information about the schedule yet, but stay tuned to this page or sign up for updates below to get informed.

How to Buy P90X3

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