P90X X Stretch Review

P90X is a tough fitness program that pushed my muscles to the nth degree! I was sore in all sorts of new places from the P90X workouts and the X Stretch was a welcome relief! In the P90X 90-day at home fitness program, you have a choice on day 7 – Rest or X Stretch. I chose X Stretch every time and I am glad I did!

X Stretch is a very comprehensive stretching routine that lasts for about 60 minutes. You may wonder, how much stretching can a person do? Well, this workout takes care of stretching out your muscles, from your head to your toes! All I can say is that I felt great each time I do it. After putting my best efforts into my P90X routine, the stretching helped me a lot improve my flexibility.

More important, it helped other problem areas of my body. You see I work on a computer all day so I always end up with a host of problems, like: shoulder impingements, sore hands (carpel tunnel), forward shoulders, tense neck and shoulders, tight hip flexors, and more – you get the idea! Working at a computer can wreck your body!

This routine was designed to help prevent injuries when doing P90X. Yes, that is true but it also helped me with my work related issues. Tony does a great job of stretching out all the neck and upper back muscles, what a relief! I also love the wrist-forearm and Dreya forearm stretches. These stretches alone helped release the tightness in my hands from working at a computer keyboard and mouse all day.
p90x X stretch by Beachbody is awesome
X Stretch works down the body systematically. The back stretches are wonderful! My lower back is usually a wreck from sitting in a chair all day and these stretch exercises were perfect for stretching my lower back in the opposite direction.

This routine gets two thumbs up from me! I frequently do it more than one time per week. After doing it for 5 months now, my overall flexibility is awesome! My hands don’t hurt anymore, in fact they feel stronger. My neck and upper back are much more relaxed too. Best of all, I feel very relaxed but energized at the same time after doing it.

If you are doing P90X, don’t skip the X Stretch! Do not miss the amazing benefits you will get from stretching.

Have you ever met a cat that did not stretch? Ever wonder why cats are so great at turning and twisting in mid-air to land on their feet every time or why cats are so relaxed? Cats stretch and so should you!

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