P90X vs. P90X2

P90X vs. P90X2The big question is: P90X vs P90X2, which one should you do? What’s the difference and is the new workout better than the original? You may be wondering how a fitness program could ever top what the original has to offer! Before you take the plunge with this amazing sequel, find out if P90X2 is right for you. If it’s not, that’s OK, just set it as a goal and work your way up to it.

First, one is not better or worse than the other. It’s a sequel, which is commonly known as an extension of the original work. P90X2 takes what you did in P90X a step further.

P90X vs. P90X2 Comparison

Let’s take a look at some elements of the program and compare them. This will give you a good idea about “P90X vs. P90X2.” They are both built on muscle confusion but P90X2 takes it a step further by providing greater challenges.

  • P90X vs. P90X2Which one is harder? Any time you start something new, it will feel harder than a fitness program you already completed. Remember when you started P90X or Insanity? Ugh? It was so hard! By the second round, I bet you needed a new challenge. P90X2 is not necessarily harder, but it will challenge you and may feel more difficult until your body makes the adjustment.
  • Do you train the same number of days per week? Nope! With P90X your workouts were 6 days a week and P90X2 brings it back to 5 days a week. The workout is so intense that 5 days is enough, however you can do some light cardio on one of your rest days. Less is more!
  • What about program options like Classic, Lean and Doubles? While P90X offered 3 different fitness program options, you won’t find that in P90X2. Instead, when you are in one of the 3 phases, you can optionally increase the time spent in each phase to get the most out of it. For example, if you find yourself having problems with balance, you can extend your Phase One. Want larger muscles? Stay in Phase Two a little longer. You get the idea. Lots of flexibility in P90X2 while still staying structured. With so many options, you better read the detailed guidebook!
  • P90X vs. P90X2 workoutsWhat about cardio? The rumors are all true! When looking at P90X vs. P90X2, this is a big difference – no cardio workouts! You experienced workouts like Kenpo X and Cardio X in P90X. The sequel has workouts like Plyocide and P.A.P. Lower that are not cardio workouts but will certainly give your cardiovascular system a run for the money!
  • Can I use my P90X equipment? Yes, of course. There is also new equipment used in P90X2. But wait, if you don’t have that new training equipment, don’t fret. You’ll be able to follow a cast member that performs the exercises using resistance bands and other simple things. No excuses!
  • Is the P90X2 Nutrition Plan better? While the original Nutrition Plan helped people get great results, the new one is designed to give you even more options that will simplify the eating process. You will love it!

This article explored some key points about P90X vs. P90X2 workouts that should help you make a decision. So which program will you do?

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