P90X Kenpo X Review

P90X Kenpo X ReviewThe first time I did P90X Kenpo X, I had no idea what I was doing! I was not coordinated and unable to stay in sync with the series of kicks and punches. But it was so much fun! I found myself laughing part-way through the program.

P90X Kenpo X is a cardio-intense workout that gets your whole body involved in the action. Tony Horton starts out with a great stretch routine that I always enjoy. Next, Tony has us doing “Twist and Pivot”, where you twist and turn your torso while in a Fighter’s Stance. It was a great way to get my body used to the moves that would follow later in the workout.

Other moves are added to the Twist and Pivot, like hook with uppercut, jabs, and cross. Kenpo X takes you through knee kicks, ball kicks, side kicks, and back kicks. Tony Horton also combines arm moves with kicks, three-directional kicks, and lunge combinations.

After the first time I did P90X Kenpo X, I could not sit down. I was extremely sore! Ouch! That’s how I knew it was working. In the beginning, I couldn’t keep up with the arms moves very well. I could hardly do the kick sequences and lost my balance more then a few times!

By month 2, I got better. I was throwing better punches and felt more controlled with the movements. My kicks were higher and my hamstring flexibility was better. And I was still having fun! I looked forward to Kenpo X day more than any other.

By month 3, I felt great doing P90X Kenpo X. I really had the moves down and was getting the high-intensity workout I needed. My balance improved, as did my overall coordination and flexibility. And ladies, with this workout, you also get great glutes. I was doing the moves with speed and efficiency and had a great sense of accomplishment. A far cry from where I started!

I love P90X and recommend it for anyone. Don’t get discouraged if you cannot do it at first. It takes practice and discipline but over time, you will experience an explosive workout that is fun, fun, fun!

Just be careful. Don’t try to be a hero and do too much when you start Kenpo X. For instance, don’t try to kick higher than you are capable of kicking because that will only strain your hamstrings. Only do what your flexibility can handle. Don’t worry, if you work at it, the flexibility will come with time.

Most of all, have fun and keep pushing play! Get fit, stay fit.

I'd like to try P90X and get fit