P90X Core Synergistics MC2 Review

You’ve all seen Core Synergistics from P90X and now you get to experience MC2! This workout takes Core Synergistics to a whole new level! Just ask me how my body felt the day after I did it!

Talk about a challenge! As an experienced P90Xer, I can tell you that this MC2 Core Synergistics was much harder than the original P90X. This P90X One on One Volume 3, Disc 9 workout runs about 67 minutes and includes a series of bonus round exercises. Did I do them all? I only did the first two bonus moves because they were so hard.

Tony starts out with a warmup consisting of 6 exercises including Ballistic Bounce, Sun Salutations, and Jump Rope. Next up is a stretch routine that includes 6 moves – you’ll need it! Some of the stretching is done with a stability ball, making each stretch more challenging. I love the stretch where you squat while raising the stability ball straight over your head. Cool moves!

You’ll need some equipment for Core Synergistics:

  • Stability ball
  • Medicine ball
  • Sliders (or paper plates)

If you don’t have a stability ball or a medicine ball, you can get creative. Place your hands on the floor instead. Don’t let anything stop you!

Although the routines are all advanced moves, you’ll appreciate the focus on balance, core strength and coordination. The main workout consists of 12 exercises. By the end of that, you’ll be smoked.

Imagine yourself doing a one legged medicine ball pushup press. Doing a pushup on a medicine ball is a challenge but one legged? One leg lateral leap squats looked easy but again, requires balance, strength and coordination.

The whole time Miss P90Xer here did this workout, my muscles were on fire! I had to focus on every exercise but was proud that I did most of them.

The 5 bonus moves are tough, especially after nearly one hour. Overall, Core Synergistic MC2 is a hard core, specific, multi-plane, multi-angle, multi-body part exercise.