P90X Chest and Back Review

P90X Chest and Back is 53 minutes of intense pushing and pulling. The first time I did this P90X DVD, I was really feeling the pain! Chest and back are two of your largest muscle groups so it can be a real struggle to get through this one.

My goal was get some nicely toned back muscles and healthy, strengthened chest muscles. This exercise routine consists of 12 exercises mostly done as pushups or pullups. There are just a couple performed with weights (dumbbells). Once the first set of 12 exercises is complete, you start all over again! Whew and ouch!

When I first started, I could barely do a few pushups on my knees – my arms were shaking! At the end of the 90 days, I could do up to 25 pushups on my knees and felt strong. You definitely have to pace yourself for this Chest and Back routine. If you give it all you got during the first set of 12, you won’t have much left for the second set of 12!

I stuck with the pushups on my knees for a couple of reasons: I have a foot injury that prevented me from putting too much pressure on it and also I was able to get a more intense workout on my knees.

For the back exercises I used the green resistance bands, equal to 40 pounds. I don’t have anywhere in the television room to put a P90X pullup bar so that was not an option for me. You can see from my results that the resistance bands definitely got the job done…nicely toned back muscles for me!


My favorite exercise is the Heavy Pants (performed with either resistance bands or dumbbells). I used the dumbbells, starting with 8 pounds and ending up with 12 pound weights at the end of my 90 days. The Back Flys were pretty hard for me. I started with 3 pound weights, worked my way to fives, and every now and again I can use eights.

Tony does a great stretch routine before the real pain begins. The most important thing about all these exercises is to use proper form while doing them. Do the pushups correctly. Try it in front of a mirror so you can be aware of your body’s positioning. Good form is how you will get the best workout. Keep lots of water around, you’ll need it.

Not only did I benefit from toned, strong muscles in my back, but I also improved my posture and eliminated my back pain. Why? Because now my muscles do the job of keeping my back upright instead of just my spine.

If you are looking for a no-nonsense workout and are serious about transforming your body, then P90X is for you. I love it so much, I went through the P90X program two times.

Use the P90X Results and recovery drink with this one, you will need it!