P90X B-Line Resistance Bands Review

90X B-Lines Band kitThe P90X B-Line resistance bands offer good resistance. You can use B-Line resistance bands for most P90X exercises where you usually use weights. The B-Line bands are proven to be as effective as weights, you can also easily take them with you.

During the P90X routines, there is always one person on the DVD that demonstrates how to use the resistance bands to perform the exercise, so you’ll always have correct instruction on how to use them.

I am a P90X grad and I love using the B-Line resistance bands for all the pull up type back exercises. I do not have a chin up bar so bands were my only option. The bands did the job and gave me great results for my back muscles.

I tried using the resistance bands for other P90X exercises, like biceps, shoulders, or triceps and they did not work for me as well as the dumbbells. I had a difficult time getting the correct resistance for all but the pull up type exercises. The B-Line resistance bands control tension by shortening or lengthening the band. My resistance was not consistent enough so I stuck with dumbbells for the other P90X exercises. The reason is likely my own coordination with the bands.

I use the green band (40 pound) for my pull up back exercises. I did start with the magenta band (20 pound) but quickly needed to move up. I recommend buying the B-Lines band super kit. As you progress through the P90X (or any) program, you will need more resistance in order to see results.

The resistance bands come with comfort grip handles, used for all the bands in the kit.

Resistance Levels by Color:

  • Black : 50 lbs.
  • Green: 40 lbs.
  • Magenta: 20 lbs .
  • Red: 30 lbs.
  • Pink: 15 lbs.

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Buy B-LINES Bands Standard Kit
Best seller among women!
(15 to 30 lbs.) Pink (B3), Magenta (B4), Red (B6)
2 bands, 2 sets of handles, plus 1 FREE band

B-LINES Bands Super Kit
Best seller among men!
(20 to 40 lbs.) Magenta (B4), Red (B6), Green (B8)
2 bands, 2 sets of handles, plus 1 FREE band
Regular Price: $39.95

B-LINES Bands Complete Kit
All levels of resistance. 10 bands plus 3 sets of handles.
Regular Price: $119.95

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