P90X Ab Ripper X Review

P90X Ab Ripper XThe first time I did P90X Ab Ripper X, I thought, “How hard can this be? It’s only 15 minutes. No big deal.” Was I ever wrong! Ab Ripper X is 15 minutes of extreme abdominal work that will feel like pure torture and give you the best abs of your life!

Ab Ripper X consists of 11 abdominal / core exercises performed on a mat. There are no breaks (unless you decide to take one) and each exercise consists of 25 repetitions, with the final exercise Mason Twist, at 40 reps.

I confess that I could barely get 15 reps out for each exercise on that first try. I was in agony, struggling to get the work done.

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Each time it got a little better, not easier, just do-able. Ab Ripper X starts out with 25 no-cheating reps of In & Out and moves through exercises like Seated Bicycle and Fifer Scissor. And just when you though you had enough, it’s time for Hip, Rock, and Raise. Yes, it’s as difficult as you might imagine.

For me, the hardest, most challenging exercise of P90X Ab Ripper X is the Roll-Up / V-Up Combo. It took nearly 2 weeks just to master the movement and couple of more months to do the required repetitions. Hmmm. What is an Ab Ripper X Roll-Up / V-Up combo you ask? It’s a tough exercise that starts with you lying flat, arms extended straight up. You bring the upper body up, as if doing a sit up and touch your hands to your toes. Now, the fun begins. Slowly lower your torso to the floor and at the same time, raise legs off the floor 45 degrees. Now bring your torso back up and reach for those toes while your legs are in the air. It will hurt!

The Oblique V-Ups were the second most difficult exercise for me but definitely trimmed up my waistline.

P90X Ab Ripper X is a fantastic workout that gets the job done. No cheating allowed! It may seem impossible at first but if you stick with it, you will have amazing looking abs and a solid core foundation. Even though Ab Ripper X is a hard, sweat producing workout, the 15 minutes goes pretty fast and then it’s done. I am a huge fan of P90X Ab Ripper X. Thank you Tony Horton!

(includes free access to online workout tools and community support)