New TurboFire Low Impact Workouts

We are super excited about the new low impact workout additions to the  TurboFire workout library. With these exclusive Team Beachbody workouts, they will make TurboFire more accessible to people who want to do this intense program but are not able to yet physically or from a coordination perspective.

Chalene Johnson does ab moves in Ab Igniter

What’s Included in the TurboFire Starter Pack Low Impact workouts?

  • Fire Starter – for people who have a hard time with the choreography of TurboFire. I am sure you’ll agree that some of the workouts that are labeled “easy” are really not that easy. You have to be very fit and coordinated to keep up. It took me some time to learn the choreography of the original exercise DVDs. Many people want to get there and do the more intense exercise and Fire Starter gives you a better starting place. This low impact TurboFire program slows things down and gives you extremely basic moves with less intensity. It’s great for those who are not as conditioned and less coordinated (like me).
  • Low Impact HIIT 25 and Low Impact HIIT 20 –  I love the high intensity interval training and happy about these completely low impact training with no jumping. It’s just as intense, maybe even more intense with zero jumping. If you have problems or prior injuries to your knees or ankles, you know what I mean. These are gentle on your joints while yielding amazing results. You can shed body fat with this intense and super effective moves.

Ab Igniter (only available at Team Beachbody) – This  core workout targets much more than just your abdominal area. The core  are the trouble areas like back muscle, inner and outer thighs, rectus abdominous and more. Will be sold separately and is NOT part of the Starter Pack.

When you purchase the TurboFire base kit from Team Beachbody, you’ll get Keep on Burnin’ – New exclusive DVD, with 2 bonus workouts – also sold separately:

  • Greatest HIITS – 20 min compilation of all the best TurboFire HIIT drills to burn the maximum number of calories.
  • Ab Igniter – Intense 10-minute workout filled with advanced options to isolate core muscles and build a strong 6-pack.
  • Stretch 10 Class – Help stretch muscles and increase flexibility.

Get Ready for Summer by ordering TurboFire low impact Fire Starter Pack