New Slim in 6 to Release in August

New Slim in 6 to release in AugustBeachbody is revamping the classic Slim in 6 with Debbie Siebers with some exciting new additions! If you are ready to commit but have not yet decided on which workout program to start, consider Slim in 6. Slim in 6 is a unique, structured 6 week program. You follow the program 6 days a week.

The Slim in 6 moves are easy to do and will increase your stamina and energy. Your endurance will improve, you can lose weight and inches like crazy too!

You will love the revamped Slim in 6!  Beachbody is reshooting the entire fitness program, including:  Start It Up, Ramp It Up, Burn It Up, Slim & Limber, and Slim & Six-Pack. Debbie is making the whole workout video better, including new music. Also new are some key new moves that Debbie Siebers has found to be very effective, like new cardio and core.

March 2010 UPDATE: The all new, revamped Slim in 6 was released on March 16! Go get it! Only available at Team Beachbody.

(Includes free access to online workout tools and community support)

Do you want to get toned and get slim in just six weeks? Slim in 6 includes  5 great workouts to help you lose weight and inches in just 6 short weeks!