New Brazil Butt Lift: Carnivale – Workout Program from Leandro Carvalho

Ready for a new workout from Super trainer Leandro Carvalho? Carnivale is a new workout series with Leandro, the creator of Brazil Butt Lift.

I am super excited because Leandro makes the workouts so much fun! Love his energy!

Carnivale is super fun, very sweaty, non-stop, freestyle cardio dance and sculpting party. You’ll feel like you are in one of this NYC classes with him!

New Beachbody Workout Carnivale

His circuit style workouts maximize every move in Carnivale and every minute so you work your entire body in 30 minutes and get bikini ready in only 30 days!

The Carnivale workout is exclusive to Beachbody On Demand members only, starting in April. This awesome, results-driven fitness program is not available for purchase on DVD.

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What’s Included with Beachbody Carnivale Workout?

  • Get Sweaty (30 min) This 30 minute Brazilian-based dance routine takes sweaty to sexy as you shake your booty to melt away the pounds.
  • New Carnivale Workout Leandro Carvalho15-Minute Abs (15 Min) This fast and effective 15 minute core workout will give you toned abs that are sure to turn heads as you strut down the beach!
  • It’s Booty Time (30 Min) The butt-master brings you 30 minutes of new moves to sculpt your lower body & lift your booty!
  • Tank Top Time (30 Min) Target your upper body to get sleek, sexy arms to show off any time of the year in just 30 minutes!
  • Sexy & Sculpted (30 Min) Leandro uses his total body training techniques in this 30 minute workout to get you into supermodel shape!

There are also two calendars available:

  • 30-day calendar for Carnivale only.
  • 30-day calendar for a Carnivale Brazil Butt Lift Hybrid program.

You can access and download the calendars as pdf on the Carnavale fitness program page on Beachbody On Demand.

Grab your 30-day FREE Beachbody On Demand membership – CLICK HERE to get started now!