LIVE Beachbody Workout in Bahamas

As a Beachbody Coach, I was super excited to earn a trip to the Bahamas in March 2012! We stayed at the amazing Atlantis resort, where I also earned a room upgrade to the Reef Atlantis.

Beachbody had many fun activities planned for us coaches during our 5-day stay. The most fun was the sunrise workouts on the beach in the Bahamas with trainers Shaun T. of Insanity, Tony Horton of P90X, and Leandro Carvalho of Brazil Butt Lift.

Beachbody Bahamas Workouts Started at Sunrise

The first workout started at a bright and early 7 am and there was a crowd of Beachbody coaches ready to take on the sunrise challenge with Shaun T.

He looks amazing and is such a great motivator. The workout was such a challenge I wanted to stop a few times but Shaun T. just kept me going for the entire hour!

The next workout was at 8:30 am with the next trainer, Tony Horton who brought it was a difficult yoga workout. It was well received especially after a hard Insanity type workout.

The following day, we had Leandro who gave us the hardest Brazil Butt Lift workout I’d ever done! Ouch. My booty was hurting for days after that. He is such a fun trainer and we had a great time. He even came down amongst the coaches and we surrounded him and the workout was winding down.

What could be better than working out in person with my favorite Beachbody trainers on a beautiful beach in the Bahamas? The workouts were followed by fresh fruit and Shakeology (all 3 flavors too!)

Beachbody Coaching is a Great Business

Not everyone gets the chance to workout LIVE with Shaun T., Tony Horton, and Leandro Carvalho all in a span of a few days. I feel so fortunate and blessed work with such a great company that rewards its distributors with fantastic trips to the Bahamas and fitness on the beach with the trainers.

If you enjoy helping others change their lives, you can be part of this too! When you join my Beachbody Coach team, you get all the support, training, and mentoring to grow a successful business.