Les Mills Pump Sports Attack Review

In this Les Mills Pump Sports Attack review, you will find out why this workout is a must-have. It’s part of the Les Mills Pump deluxe package or the upgrade. Using your own body weight, these high-energy cardio moves will challenge you with athletic agility training.

If you want to burn fat, this workout is the HIIT (high intensity interval training) for you!

Les Mills Pump Sports Attack Review

Les Mills Pump Sports Attack Review of Benefits

Sometimes, the thought of doing a 60 minute workout is daunting. The first benefit I discuss in this Les Mills Pump Sports Attack review is the fact that it’s a 30 minute workout! That’s right. Before you know it, you are done. The workout that you get in 30 minutes is amazing.

This is my go-to exercise when day is busy and I can’t find the time. No excuses here! You’ll be powering through all the fun moves like jumping jacks and running, as well as football and basketball drills.

You start out with a 5 minute warm-up that includes moves like step-touch and double-step touch while keeping the arms engaged and moving too!

The warm-up is followed by tracks like the Mixed Impact track. Here you start with interval training. The trainers are wonderful and show you each move slow so you get it. Then, you go faster and faster.

Although the exercises are fast and furious to maximize your calorie burning, there is also a modifier that shows you all the low-impact options. This is a great feature of Sports Attack because it gives you a chance to work your way through the progression.

Les Mills Pump Sports Attack Review – Music

The music is fantastic and adds to the energy of the workout. Really, I didn’t think it mattered when I heard about the amazing soundtrack but it does! When you move to the groove and beat of the music, the entire workout is more exciting.
By staying engaged with the pop-music tracks, it’s easier to keep motivated through the entire fitness DVD.

As with all the Les Mills Pump workouts, Sports Attack is fun! Most of all, I love the results I get. Now that you read this “Les Mills Pump Sports Attack review”, what are you waiting for? Join us in building a healthier society. It all starts with you!

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