Les Mills Pump Core Workout Review

Coming in at just 10 minutes, Les Mills Pump Core promises a targeted workout to strengthen and tone your midsection. You can get Core as free bonus workout ($19.95 value) when you purchase Les Mills Pump via my link or you can purchase it separately.

I wasn’t sure what to expect with the Core workout and found myself challenged by the moves halfway through. The five cast members provide perfect examples of proper form for each exercise. I really like the fact that one cast member does modified moves so you can ease your way into the more challenging exercises.

No Ordinary Ab Moves

Say bye-bye to traditional ab exercises. The high intensity moves in Les Mills Core take the conventional moves up a notch with exercises like plank alternate toe taps and cross crawls that incorporate multiple core muscles all at the same time. With this approach, you spend less time and get maximum results. Everyone is so busy these days it’s the perfect core workout for anyone. Who doesn’t have ten minutes?

I am already very fit and was skeptical as to whether the Les Mills Core would give me a good workout. To my pleasant surprise it did! I had not done many of the unique moves before and was feeling it big time. Working my way through the double knee lifts and “C” crunch, to the 3 dimensional core strength hover, I broke a nice sweat.

More Than Just an Ab Workout

Another key point is that you get much more than an ab workout. Core is so much more, including a variety of upper and lower body muscles. When you improve this collection of muscles, you get a bonus benefit of better support and stabilization of your spine (less back problems).

If you are stuck in a rut with your abdominal workout and want more, Core can help move you out of your comfort zone!