Les Mills Flow Review

In this Les Mills Flow review, you’ll learn why this workout is a must to maximize your Les Mills Pump workout. Although most Yoga workouts are about 60 minutes, not everyone has time to do that. At only 20 minutes, you can easily make time for it too. This length of workout cannot replace an hour long session but will certainly be invigorating and relaxing.

With Flow, you balance out your body by lengthening and stretching through a series of yoga poses. You will feel refreshed and revitalized, ready for your next exercise session! There is a modifier too for those moves that are still out of reach.

Les Mills Flow Review

Yoga Poses – Les Mills Flow Review

I love the basic yoga poses like mountain, downward dog, runner’s pose, forward fold, and many more. It felt amazing to stretch my muscles, especially the hamstrings which were tight after doing tons of lunges.

By moving through Sun Salutations, balancing, and twists, Flow is the best way to really stretch, open your hips, and decrease soreness.

The moves are done slowly and it was super easy to keep up. It was important to breathe correctly throughout the exercises. In this Les Mills Flow review, I’ll also tell you that breathing is still important to get the best benefits. By breathing in a slow and controlled manner, you gain even more benefits.

Music – Les Mills Flow Review

I found it interesting that this workout does not use traditional music that you might hear at a yoga studio. No, you get to listen to tunes like “Intuition” and “Crusin’”. It’s not wild and crazy at all, just not what I would expect for this type of exercise. I enjoyed it very much.

The most important thing I want you is that it was a great way to stretch and improve flexibility in just 20 minutes! I hope this “Les Mills Flow review” helped you understand why this workout is so important!

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