Les Mills Combat Workout – Get Shredded

Les Mills Combat Workout

Les Mills Combat Workout

Have you tried in vain to get that shredded, lean look? Do not be discouraged because the Les Mills Combat workout can help!

This high-intensity cardio fitness program will help shred fat from your body. It’s home-based so it’s perfect for busy people too! How many times have you dreaded driving to the gym, looking for parking, and then waiting to get in class or on a machine?

Blending dynamic movements, Les Mills Combat workout is based on six Martial Arts disciplines. So what’s that mean for you?

Les Mills Combat Workout Helps Build Lean Muscle Mass

Do you want to get very fit? That’s why you are here, right? Searching for the right way to do it.

You found it! Designed to get you lean, Les Mills Combat workout targets your fast twitch muscle fibers. What the heck is that?

It’s way to scientific for me. All I know is they contribute most to muscle strength, meaning great results for you!

And don’t worry if you already have pretty good muscles. You won’t lose them with Les Mills Combat Beachbody workout. In fact, this workout will help you continue to maintain and build lean muscle mass. There’s no heavy lifting either.

I was a little concerned when I first started but am pleasantly surprised at my results. My arms are toned and lean from the Les Mills Combat workout punching combinations. Plus, it’s a lot more fun than traditional workouts where you just lift weights. Also the Les Mills Combat gloves will help tones your arms even more!

Even if you are not able to keep up right away, there is a modifier who can show you easier ways to do the moves.

Do you like cool music? It makes the Les Mills Combat workout more fun! All the martial arts moves are choreographed to popular music. There’s also a feature to turn the music up a notch for some extra motivation.

Did you get a little scared when I said choreographed? Don’t worry. I am the most uncoordinated person and the moves in Les Mills Combat workout are very easy. In fact, the instructors start all new combination by showing you the techniques slowing. They also build upon them to make it easy to follow.

Think about this. 60 days will pass whether you do this workout or not. Wouldn’t you feel better in 60 days if you were more toned or weighed less?

You’ll get everything you need including the Les Mills Combat workout Calendar, 7 workouts on DVD (30 to 60 minutes each), and Nutrition guide.

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