Les Mills Combat Workout – Pre-Order October 1

Les Mills Combat workout Pre-orderI am so excited about the new Les Mills Combat workout, available for pre-order NOW! Based on the gym version of BodyCombat, you’ll be punching and kicking your way through six martial arts styles over 90 days! Pre-orders will be delivered starting in December 2012. It’s a perfect way for you to get going in the New Year on your fitness goals.

Are you looking to get lean or ripped? Maybe you just need to lose a few pounds and can’t break through that weight plateau. Well I have good news for you. The moves in “Les Mills Combat workout” are specially designed for you! These workouts on 7 DVDs are aimed at body fat loss and can shape your body like nobody’s business!

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Do you want to blast those calories once and for all? The Les Mills Combat workout is a perfect blend of calorie-blasting and body-shredding, two important points for you to consider when looking at the best fitness program for your needs.

Les Mills Combat pre-order

Why is Les Mills Combat Workout Effective for Weight Loss?

In order to lose weight, you need to create a calorie deficit every day with exercise and diet. If the exercise you are doing now is too comfy for you, you may not be burning enough calories to benefit from it. The explosive moves in the new Les Mills Combat workout combine boxing, kickboxing/muay thai, taekwondo, capoeira, karate, and jiu jitsu. The intensity with which you do the moves will have your energy fired up and therefore you’ll get a great calorie burn. That’s not all. The calorie burn doesn’t stop when you do, it continues even after your workout is over. Can you say “fast weight loss?”

The Les Mills Combat workout is so cool! You may already be familiar with the DVD Les Mills Pump Combat. Well this is an entire fitness program instead of just a single DVD!  Seriously, you go from controlled moves to dynamic power moves and then onto the challenging high-speed combinations. It’s serious fun. You’ll hardly notice the time is passing.

If you are ready to burn fat, tone up and strengthen your body, and feel amazing, go for the Les Mills Combat workout pre-order so you can get yours in time to start the New Year off right! You need this, believe it. It’s the best gift you will give yourself.

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