Les Mills Combat Review

Les Mills Combat review

Les Mills Combat review

It’s the ultimate mixed martial arts workout program from Beachbody! In this “Les Mills Combat review”, you’ll find out what the buzz is about!

With punching, kicking, and striking, this fitness program is no joke. If you are not getting the results you want, this may just be what you need.

I did get the Ultimate Warrior kit but for this Les Mills Combat review, I’ll just focus on the DVDs that come with the basic kit. Well, I may have to say a thing or two about the kick-butt Warrior workouts!
You’ve probably heard the tag line – get ready to unleash your inner warrior. It’s true!

As you read this, keep in mind that I am a very fit person. However, with this workout, you can go at your own pace. There is a modifier to take the intensity down a notch. Even if you can’t keep up exactly, it’s still worth doing, a lot of fun, and will get you in great shape!

Les Mills Combat Review – Based on BodyCombat

Are you familiar with Les Mills BodyCombat? It’s taught in gyms around the world. Bringing it to the home-user was the best decision ever. It’s more convenient to do at home and there is more room.
In this workout, you are always moving. It really works your cardio! My legs and booty are getting in even better shape due to all the kicking. The combination moves are the best, with various punches and kicks done in a sequence.

Les Mills Combat

In this Les Mills Combat review, I am hesitant to tell you about the pain afterwards, but it’s part of it! The first 2 weeks, I had such uncomfortable aches mostly in my shoulders and upper back. I did some icing and stretching to relieve it. I didn’t quit because I knew that I had not used those muscles like this before and had to push on to get past that.

It’s exhausting and you’ll have to eat healthy to keep your energy up for this workout. The best part is all the mixed martial arts that are combined in various tracks. Don’t worry if you can’t kick well now. You can start with low kicks and work your way up.

All I know it that it is the best full body workout I ever did. It’s one of the hardest too. If you want a real challenge, do it! If you are the type of person that gives up easily, do not get it. You can see in this Les Mills Combat review that you will have to really push yourself through it.

The Ultimate Warrior kit includes the Warrior 1: Upper Body Blow out, Warrior 2: Lower Body Lean out, Inner Warrior: Stretch and Strength. When I did those Warrior 1 and 2 workouts, I thought, “it’s just 30 minutes, how bad can it be?”

Making assumptions was a mistake. It was the hardest 30 minutes!

I hope you enjoyed this Les Mills Combat review. Up for the challenge? Click here to order and get a free bonus DVD.