Is Les Mills Pump Workout Right for You

Have you heard of or done BODYPUMP, the amazing gym class created by Les Mills International? Now, you can do the home version of BodyPump in the comfort of your home.

The all new LES MILLS PUMP home workout is based on the REP EFFECT where you do 70 to 100 repetitions per body part to fatigue your muscles, and burn up the calories like never before.

Is Les Mills Pump Workout right for you?Not sure if this workout is right for you? It’s aimed at many levels of fitness and I am sure you fit in there somewhere!

Who should do this fun, barbell-based workout?

  • Anyone who wants to get fit and lose weight – can you use a big boost in your heart rate? You will with LESS MILLS PUMP and burn lots more calories than you would with regular bulking up weight lifting routines.
  • You want to get strong muscles and stay lean – These workouts have moves for all your major muscles groups, like presses, squats, curls, and lifts to help you tone your whole body!
  • Ladies that are skeptical about weight lifting because you think that you will bulk up your muscles – by lifting light weights in high repetition sets, you’ll be burning off fat and toning up muscles without the bulk. That’s the REP EFFECT at work!
  • People who are at a beginner level of fitness – LES MILLS PUMP is aimed at all fitness levels. When getting started, you can use no weights or just a little. As you progress, you can add more weights as needed.
  • People who love LES MILLS BODYPUMP gym classes – If you take this popular class at the gym, sometimes it’s hard to sync up your schedule to get to exercise class, or maybe you can’t get a babysitter for the kids. Don’t miss another workout! Instead, do Les Mills Pump at home. It’s also a great solution for those who want to try the gym class but prefer to start out in the privacy of their home.
  • You are just plain bored with your workouts and need to change it up – This full-body workout is so much fun you will hardly notice that you are workout out! Really, the amazing music and great instructors make Les Mills Pump an exercise session you’ll look forward to and enjoy doing.
  • Weightlifters who want to improve their muscular endurance – Mixing up your weight training will help you perform better during heavy weight workouts.

This is an equipment based workout and comes with everything you need to get fit! You can also purchase additional barbell weight equipment separately.

Lisa J.