Insanity Workout Weight Gain

Insanity Workout Weight Gain

Insanity Workout Weight Gain

Have you experienced Insanity workout weight gain? You might be wondering how that can happen with such an intense cardio workout.

In fact, much of the Insanity workout weight gain is obvious after the first 4 weeks of doing this fitness program. You might think you are doing something wrong or not eating the right foods.

Let’s find out why you may experience Insanity workout weight gain. Recently Shaun T answered this question and this article explains what he said.

Insanity Workout Weight Gain – Why Don’t I See Results?

Here are few questions you need to ask yourself:

  • Are you pressing pause during the workout?
  • Are you taking a lot of breaks?
  • Are you eating clean once a day or 5 times a day?
  • Are you too little or too much?

You may be eating really healthy but if you eat just once a day, that could be the reason for your Insanity workout weight gain. When you do that, your body goes into starvation mode and starts conserving energy.

That means NOT burning calories.

If you do not give your body the energy you need to get through the day, then weight gain is inevitable. On the other hand, if you eat small healthy meals throughout the day, you are giving your body the energy you need to burn off the calories.

Another reason for Insanity workout weight gain is you may also be retaining water like crazy, especially if this is your first fitness program.

If none of the above applies to you, be patient. Occasionally, someone might not lose weight in 30 days or even 6 weeks. Then all of a sudden in week 7, BAM! Lots of weight comes off.

Here’s another reason: If you are experiencing a lot of soreness, your body will try to protect the affected muscles. When this happens, your muscles may become a little swollen and inflamed and retain fluids. This is exactly what happens to me!

As we know, water retention can results in temporary weight gain.

So, if Insanity workout weight gain has got you feeling down, make some changes and be patient! Power through, get on a regular eating schedule, and make it the best 60 days ever!

Even with a little Insanity workout weight gain, you will still get in the best shape of your life – click here to order and get a free DVD!