Insanity Workout Success

Transforming your body with the Insanity workout is the ultimate challenge! In just 60 days, you can get the results you always wanted with this total body conditioning program. The best part is that you won’t need equipment or weights, just yourself and a deep desire to make a change!

Shaun T. helped these people to push past their limits and achieve success in hitting their fitness goals with his intense workout.

Roger’s Success Story

From the first minute that I started Insanity I was in for a challenge. I started out at 212 pounds. After 60 days I was into a 32 inch waist, the same size I was in high school. There are no weights or equipment, just you, your body and listening to what Shaun T. tells you to do.

When I look at myself in the mirror, I don’t see the same person. As a 47-year old guy, I am proud of the way I look. I do not see the same person. My face is different, my body is different.

This is a fitness program I will never stop. To go from being out of shape to the best shape of my life is just phenomenal.

Elizabeth’s Success with Insanity workout

My body has changed dramatically with this workout and it continues to change every day. Insanity provided me with another level of confidence that I did not have before and I feel great about myself. I’ve never been in this kind of shape!

Felicia’s Insanity Body Transformation

When I first started this fitness program I could not even do a pushup! Not a single pushup, not a girl pushup, not a boy pushup! By the time that I got through it, I am doing moving pushups, squat pushups and more. I dare anyone to challenge me to a pushup contest because I will be in it!

I like the fact that the this fitness program had no weights and not equipment. That was a selling point for me. In just 60 days I lost 37 pounds, 17 inches, and 3 dress sizes! I have a waist now that I did not have before!

We went to Hawaii this year and it was the first time I was able to wear a 2-piece bikini! No cover up! The biggest things that Insanity has done for me is give me a sense of purpose. I feel so great about myself. I am just a better me!