Insanity Workout – 2 New DVDs

We are super excited because Insanity workout just got better! The release of 2 new DVDs will be an amazing addition to your exercise program.

Shaun T. holds nothing back with on these 2 new DVDs. If you thought the original was tough, get ready to have a real challenge with “Sanity Check” and “Fast and Furious Abs.”

Insanity Workout - 2 New DVDs

Insanity Workout - 2 New DVDs

These are standalone workouts that you can do as complimentary to the fitness program you are already using. You can read all the details in this article.

Insanity Workout – Sanity Check and Fast and Furious Abs

What the heck are these new exercise DVDs all about and why were they created? Here you go.

Sanity Check DVD (26 min.):

This is a great option that introduces anyone to the Insanity workout. The Sanity Check will help you learn to perform the moves in the full program. If you are not sure if Insanity workout is for you, try Sanity Check first.

You will still get great results. It’s very focused on building your foundation before you start the real thing with Shaun T. It’s only 26 minutes and gives you a step-by-step workout so you can perfect your form and technique.
You will be so pumped and prepared after Sanity Check, you’ll be ready to take on the full program and get in the best shape of your life!

Click here to order Sanity Check

Fast and Furious Abs DVD (15 min.)

Do remember the Fast and Furious DVD? Well, it was such a huge success that the crowd demanded more! This is Fast and Furious Abs, which gives you all of Shaun T’s best core moves. Whether you love the original fitness program or not you’ll get  amazing moves to get ripped in just 15 minutes. You have 15 minutes right?

Think about how great you will look and feel with your toned six-pack abs!

Shaun T will push you past your limits to get the leanest, hardest body you’ve ever had.

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With the 2 new Insanity workout DVDs, Shaun T is on a mission to maximize your results. Ready? Click here to order Insanity or the new DVDs.