How to Think Yourself Fit to Get in Shape

Are you ready to get fit but having a hard time getting in the groove? It’s time to think yourself fit!

Most people consider exercise to be purely a physical thing. Do the fitness routine, follow a healthy plan and voila! You’ll be rocking an amazing body in not time.

Think Yourself fit

If it were that easy, we’d all be in the best physical shape ever.

So what’s the problem that most people face when trying to get fit?

Most often, the biggest obstacle to reaching your fitness goals is your mindset.

Even if you are already fit but want to take it to the next level, your mindset can help you reach a higher level of fitness.

Today I have some simple tips on how to think yourself fit to get in shape.

The Power of Visualization for Fitness Success

Visualization is a powerful method to achieve just about anything, include fitness success.

For example, as a runner, I learned how to visualize myself running faster or longer. This helped my body to get familiar with that feeling so when I actually did it, it was like I had done it before.

It’s like practicing with your mind!

Whether you are training for a race or just need to do a fitness program to get in shape, visualizing yourself doing it helps your mind make it a reality.

This is truly one of the simplest ways to think yourself fit. Top athletes commonly use visualization to reach fitness goals that once seemed out of reach.

But when you use your mind to see and believe, you can achieve anything!

Make Big Goals and Break it Down

I love setting big goals!

Have you ever felt overwhelmed when setting a huge goal? That’s why breaking it down into smaller chunks makes it easier to achieve.

For example, imagine if you decide to run a marathon. Oh goodness, just thinking about 26.2 miles makes me tired!

But when you take it a mile at a time, it changes how you feel.

Making small changes and achieving small milestones along the way takes the overwhelm out of your big goal.

For example, if you decided to run a marathon, your first training run would not be 26.2 miles, right? You would start small and work your way up to it!

In time, these small changes will come to represent substantial progress on your quest to achieve your fitness goals.

How to Master a Success Mindset

Thinking yourself fit means mastering a success mindset.

That means developing some mindfulness techniques that helps you live in the present moment and be more aware of everything!

For example, I like to call my runs or walking a “mindful meditation.” It’s been a true game changer to achieve my fitness goals.

Running can put added stress on my body and sometimes my legs will feel like they can’t take another step.

But with mindful meditation, my mind is more prepared to deal with that stress and helps carry me forward.

Without being mindful, I would just say, that’s it, I’m done!

Your mind will become better at dealing with stress, without overreacting to it. This is how you’ll be able to push through the pain to finish a workout and not give into feeling like you want to quit.

Mindfulness is a form of inner motivation and a great way to think yourself fit!


You really can think yourself fit by making a few simple changes in the way you think.
I’ve given you three ways that you can think yourself to a fit and healthy body. Which of these resonated with you?