How to Take Proper Body Measurements to Track Fitness Progress

Body fat testerWhen you start any fitness program, it’s important for you to take your body measurements. Whether you do P90X, Insanity, Slim in 6, running, or any fitness activity, measuring various parts of your body will help encourage you to keep going once you start seeing results! Taking an accurate set of body measurements every 30 days will help you track your progress.

Here’s what you need to get your body measurement:

  • Tape measure
  • Body fat calibers
  • Friend who can help!

It is important to be consistent with your measurements so you know your measurement is accurate. Measure your body in exactly the same places every 30 days, starting with day one. Start with your arms and work your way down.

Many of your favorite Team Beachbody fitness programs come with a measure tape. ChaLEAN Extreme includes calibers too!

Start measuring with the peak of the bicep (left and right). Strike a pose and make a muscle. The peak of your bicep is easy to find!

Take a proper chest measurement right across the nipple area. Make sure your arms are down at your sides.

Next you will measure your waist. Be sure to measure directly across your belly button. Don’t worry about your love handles, those are sure to disappear during your workout program!

Include the widest part of your buttocks when taking your hip measurement and make sure you legs are together.

Your thigh measurement should be taken halfway between your inseam and your knee. Make sure you do the left side and right side.

Don’t forget to measure your calves! Make sure your weight is evenly distributed and measure at the peak of your calves.

Once you complete your measurements, it’s time to find out your body fat percentage! You will need your body fat calibers. Then, to the side of your bellybutton and about 1 inch down pinch as much fat as you can with your fingers and then Squeeze it with the calibers until the arrows align. Look at the chart that came with your calibers for your body fat percentage.

Take these measurements every 30 days and write it down! You can keep track online at Team Beachbody or track it on your own!

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