How to Stop Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

Are you sabataging your weight loss? Learning how to get the most out of your workouts is especially important if you are just starting out.

Are you making these common mistakes for weight loss that sabatage weight loss?

  • Drinking too many calories
  • Overeating at postworkout

Getting fit is more than just the weight on scale. But if you want to see results, find out where those sneaky calories are coming from!

Are you sabataging your weight loss?

5 Tips to Stop Sabataging Your Weight Loss

You can get back on track and stop sabataging your weight loss. Here are your five tips:

1 – Do you know how many calories you are truly eating?

Do you ever feel like if you exercise more then you need more calories? That is very common. However, what type of calories are you adding? Even if you work out more, you still need to stick with a set amount of calories. If not, that is one common way to sabatage your weight loss.

Have you ever felt like you did this super challenging workout so now you can eat this extra large meal? Me too!

Be honest with yourself about how many calories you need and how many you are actually eating! The results may surprise you.

2 –  Drinking too many sports drinks

Are you downing those sports drinks like nobody’s business? Many of these drinks have lots of sugar and calories. You are better off drinking water after a workout instead of added calories and tons of unecessary sugar.

3 – Pre-workout snack calories 

OK, I am guilty of this! I used to eat too much before my workouts! I justified it by telling myself I was going to a big calories burning fitness program. Boy was I wrong. That led to weight gain and I sabataged my efforts big time!

Eating something beforehand might give your performance a little boost, but if you skip it you’re better off—teaching your body how to mobilize fat stores for energy. If you feel you need something, half a banana or even a small piece of a power bar will do. Keep it to 50 or 100 calories at the most.

4 – Not enough starchy carbs

I tried this one…super low carbs and it was a huge mistake. I was so weak I could barely get through my workouts.

Little did I know that depleting carbs from my diet reallthat you have to tap into your lean protein stores for energy, which ultimately can decrease your lean muscle mass. Don’t be afraid to incorporate some whole grains and starchy veggies into your daily diet.

5 – You are not giving your workout your all

Do you ever feel like doing the minimum effort for you workout is good enough? Not every workout should be an intense interval session, but fitting in one or two a week can help turn the dial down on your appetite.

I hope you enjoyed these tips on how to stop sabotaging your weight loss. For more great health and fitness info, join our free Team Beachbody membership now!