How I Lost 5 Pounds

At 5 feet 4.5 inches, gaining weight, even 5 pounds. really shows on my body frame. I needed to lose weight  and get down down to my normal weight which was 5 pounds less.  I already eat healthy, just maybe too much of it!

I started drinking Shakeology. Due to my crazy schedule, I did not have time to make and eat dinner 2 times per week so I replaced 2 dinner meals a week with Shakeology. It was easy to throw Shakeology with some peanut butter and water into a blender and drink up before I headed out the door.

On the days that my schedule was not a problem, I had a Shakeology as a snack after my workday. Then I did an intense workout like P90X. Having the Shakeology as a snack really helped me stay energized throughout my workout. On those days, I made a normal dinner consisting of healthy foods.

Sure enough, I felt my pants getting a little loose. I weighed myself after a couple of weeks and to I lost weight to the tune of 5 pounds. The 5 pounds that I lost have stayed off. I still replace just 2 meals per week with Shakeology and use it as a afternoon pre-workout snack.

It worked out great in other ways too. I don’t need as much  food from the grocery store now so I spend less at the market each week. At just $3.00 per serving (Coach price), I get 2 super nutritious dinner meals per week for just $6 (for both)! That is less then some people I know who spend $10 on an unhealthy lunch everyday.

Oh, and energy, not a problem! Besides the fact that I lost weight, I just feel better.

Seriously, you should try Shakeology. You may not know how awful you feel until you feel really great! It is definitely worth it!