Hate P90X Yoga X? Replace It with Fountain of Youth Yoga

tony horton fountain of youthAre you one of those P90Xers who complain about the Yoga X workout? P90X Yoga X is 90 minutes of 38 tough yoga moves. The Yoga X poses are grouped into Moving Asanas, balance postures, floor work, and the Yoga belly. Yoga X is based on the philosophy of Hatha yoga, where the more you focus on your breath through each pose, the less you will notice the strain and discomfort. Perhaps you didn’t get that message?

Here’s good news! If you don’t like P90X Yoga X, you can replace it with Tony Horton’s “Fountain of Youth” DVD for a shorter but equally effective Yoga workout! “Fountain of Youth” is part of the One on One DVD series with Tony Horton. With the One on One series, there are no sets, no cast, NO MERCY!

Tony Hortons Fountain of Youth yoga DVD is just 45 minutes! You should be able to do this workout and quit complaining! In Fountain of Youth, One on One, Tony Horton turns down his volume to a calm mood. Your lower back may just love you for doing this effective yoga routine.

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Fountain of Youth is available now!