Can I Exercise During a Health Detox?

Can I Exercise During a Health Detox?When I decided to do Ultimate Reset, I heard that there is no exercise during a health detox. What? I nearly freaked because I love to exercise and rarely go a day with it. I researched it a little further to find out more. If doing a detox cleanse is healthy and exercising is good for you, why can’t I do them at the same time?

It’s hard enough to make a decision to totally change what I eat and drink for 21 days but now I had to think about not exercising. We all know that a good workout keeps your muscles strong and lean, helps our heart stay healthy, and plays a big part in weight loss. So what’s the deal? After a good investigation about exercise during a health detox, it all started to make sense.

Reasons Why You Should Not Exercise during a Health Detox

If you are serious about doing a cleanse like Ultimate Reset, be sure to go all in to get the most out of it. I would have to see you go through a 21 day detox and not get the full benefit. Before I give you the reasons why you should not exercise during a health detox, let’s review what I mean by exercise. The operative word is intense! That is what you want to stay away from. Here you go.

  • During a cleanse like Ultimate Reset, your body is expelling toxins that took months and years to accumulate. Therefore, your body will work overtime. You may even experience headaches, muscle aches, and feel like you have the flu. My first 5 days were exactly like that but I pushed through it. Imagine if you worked out on top of all that? You may even feel like total crap. Don’t be a whiner, just drink lots of water and focus on how great you will feel when it’s done.
  • Your internal organs, like liver and kidneys, work extra hard during a detox cleanse. Intense workouts will force your body to focus on repairing muscles instead of getting rid of toxins. The whole point of this is to cleanse from the inside out. So hold off partner! Believe me, when you return to a work-out program, you will have even more energy and be able to see results even faster.
  • Can you say gentle exercise? Repeat after me because that is the key to exercise during a health detox. Moves that focus on deep breathing are especially helpful to support the cleansing of the lymph system – an important immunity support for your body. How about trying yoga or Tai Chi? Even a little mindful walking is good and you may actually enjoy it.

Detoxing your body will leave you refreshed and renewed, ready for a more active lifestyle. You should not do intense “exercise during a health detox”, but your body will be ready when you are done.

Now that you understand why you should not exercise during a health detox, are you ready to reset with Ultimate Reset?