Does 22 Minute Hard Corps Really Work?

You’ve heard about 22 Minute Hard Corps workout and wondering if it really works? I’m sharing my experience with this new Tony Horton workout to help you make a decision about it.

When I first heard about 22 Minute Hard Corps, I was excited. Having done all the previous Tony Horton workouts (P90X, P90X2, P90X3), I knew that the creator always aims for results oriented programs.
22 Minute Hard Corps from Beachbody

Still, I was a little skeptical. A whole workout in just 22 minutes? I loved the idea but was concerned that I wouldn’t get a “real” workout in that short amount of time.

Boy, was I wrong!

Is 22 Minutes of Exercise Enough to Get you Fit?

Before I get into 22 Minute Hard Corps, I wanted to address the question you likely have on your mind. I know I did!

Can you really get fit in just 22 minutes a day? What happened to the old days of hour long, grueling workouts that nobody has time for anymore?

I did some research and was pleasantly surprised at the answers I found.

For example, trainer Adam Rosante, author of The 30-Second Body had this to say about working out for 20 minutes or less: “you should be working at max effort for a minimum of 30 seconds before taking a rest of about equal time.

And according to Dr. Pam Peeke, spokesperson for the American College of Sports Medicine, “Gone are the days when we thought you had to live on a piece of fitness equipment for an hour to really see results.

These are just a couple of the results from my research. I was happy to hear it!

22 Minute Hard Corps Can Make An Impact In Your Fitness

Before I owned this fitness program, I had a chance to try a workout for free in Beachbody On Demand! It was 22 Minute Hard Corps Cardio 1.

There is no warmup friends… Tony has you get right into the workout. And it was a challenge.

This 7-move workout gets your heart pumping from the start. There is a modifier but even that was pretty tough.

My heart went from zero to high in very short amount of time. I stuck with it because 22 minutes is not a lot of time so I was able to wrap my mind around that.

Grab your 22 Minute Hard Corps workout kit here

If you feel like you need a warmup, there is an optional separate workout called Cold Start,  that will increase your heart rate, warm up your muscles and joints, and prepare you mentally and physically for the movement ahead.

I haven’t had a need to use it but glad to see it’s available.

My legs already feel stronger and my upper body strength is improving. Can’t wait to see the improvements ahead in the next few weeks!

22 Minute Hard Corp jumping jacks

The other Cardio workouts (Cardio 2 and Cardio 3) have increasingly more challenging moves that I was able to get through and even make improvements week over week!

Each move is demonstrated the first time and easy to follow. Not necessarily easy to do!

Here’s what’s included – all workouts are 22 minutes unless otherwise indicated:

  • Cold Start – Optional warmup that will increase your heart rate, warm up your muscles and joints, and prepare you mentally and physically for the movement ahead.(12 min)
  • Cardio 1 – This 7-move workout gets your heart pumping from Minute One. Keep up with the platoon and earn a massive calorie burn.
  • Cardio 2 – This is basic training, but there’s nothing easy about it. It’s 3 rounds of 7 exercises, but these moves will push your fitness even further.
  • Cardio 3 – This cardio routine alternates between floor work and plyo moves for 3 hard-driving rounds.
  • Core 1 – Get ready to work your lower back, abs, and obliques in this epic, 10-move drill. (12 min)
  • Core 2 – The reps are doubled in Core 2 to test your limits and maximize the burn. (10 min)
  • Resistance 1 – 5 simple resistance moves in 3 back-to-back rounds. Your mission: Give Every Rep.
  • Resistance 2 – More resistance, more sweat, and more muscles recruited. You’re welcome.
  • Resistance 3 – This resistance workout adds plyometric strength training to challenge your endurance.

And of course  your 22 Minute Hard Corps guide and nutrition plan are included, whether you buy the DVDs or use Beachbody on Demand.


Overall I love 22 Minute Hard Corps. It’s great when I don’t have a lot of time but still want to get a challenging workout in that really gives results.

I definitely was feeling it the next day – in a good way of course! I definitely got my money’s worth with this workout!

You can build strength and endurance in minimal time, which is a real plus with 22 Minute Hard Corps!

You can grab your 22 Minute DVD kit here or check out Beachbody On Demand!