Do Home-Based Workouts Really Work?

There are many options available to you for getting in shape. You can join a gym, attend fitness classes, participate in outdoor activites, or work out in the convenience of you home. That begs the question: Do home workout plans really work?

The question is not really “Do home workouts really work?”. The true question is: Are you motivated and disciplined enough to do your workout at home?

Beachbody home fitness programs are created by experts like Tony Horton, Debbie Siebers, and Shaun T. These expert trainers really know their stuff. Workouts like P90X, Slim in 6, or Insanity provide you with everything you need to get in great shape and learn to eat healthy! Even on a shoestring budget, you can make a wise purchase that will be invaluable in helping you get healthy and fit.

You may enjoy the convenience and benefits of workout at home:

  • No more wasting time driving to and from the gym. 30 – 40 minutes round trip plus a few minutes for parking. Then walking from the car to the gym, locker room to store your stuff. On and on. All of this takes TIME!
  • No more waiting around to use fitness equipment. How much time do you actually spend working out at the gym versus standing around waiting for equipment? Think about it!
  • You can workout whenever you want, not just during the open hours of the gym. Ever arrive at the gym only find they are closed? Or how about that class you want to take but can’t because the time is not convenient?
  • No more expensive gym membership fees or contracts you can’t get out of. The average cost to join a gym is $150 initiation fee and $49 per month. That is $788.00 for the first year and $588.00 per year thereafter. Wow!

Having led a healthy lifestyle for many years, I started out as a huge gym user! I was always at the gym. One day, I looked around at the crowds, the hassle of finding a parking spot, the time it took to get to and fro, the filth,  the monthly fee – that’s it! I quit!

I started working out at home with P90X and not only did I get in even better shape, but I saved lots of time. Over 1 hour  saved each day that I worked out – for all the above reasons.

Not only did I save time, I saved money! The health club I joined cost me $70 per month. The fitness program i purchased cost me $120. The dumbbells cost me another $40. That is a savings of $840 per year – $160 (P90X + dumbbells) = $680 savings per year! Vacation time!

The most important part of success with home workouts is YOU! We have the fitness programs and tools you need to make it happen. What will you do with all your free time and extra money?