Dana Lost 150 Pounds with Les Mills Pump

Being overweight can hinder many things in life. For example, Dana did not like to fly on a plane anywhere because she had to get the extender for the seat belt. The key to her success was Les Mills Pump weight loss and doing the activity it took to lose this kind of weight.

Les Mills Pump Weight Loss

Les Mills Pump Weight Loss

Les Mills Pump Weight Loss of 150 Pounds

Even after gastric bypass surgery, she had not have any weight loss. By doing the Les Mills Pump weight loss program, she lost 150 pounds. This program was the simplest way to get a great workout. You work your whole body in short period of time. You get the strength and the cardiovascular you need. Both are important to weight loss.

This weight loss fitness program also helped break the cycle of what she was doing to herself. It gave her confidence. Starting out at 297 pounds, she lost 150 pounds. That’s like losing an entire other person!

Dana looks amazing with her new body. If she can do it so can you! With Rep Effect you burn more calories in a short time , really tone those muscles and have weight loss success.

Why Les Mills Pump Weight Loss is So Successful

This workout is so much fun too! It’s designed to move to the beat of the music. Not just any music! With this workout, you get the best soundtrack for your workouts with hit songs like “Raise Your Glass”, Telephone”, and 80s hits like “Take On Me” and “Jump”. What I love about it is the workout routines are coordinated around the tempo sequences in the music. When you work out to great music, there is a big psychological benefit to staying motivated!

Another thing I love about it is that those calories keep burning long after the workout is done! That is what happens when you lift weights. So go boost your metabolism, burn some calories and experience weight loss success!

The “Les Mills Pump weight loss” package has everything you need to get fit. If you want an additional challenge, go for the deluxe package. You’ll be challenged with high-intensity training, martial arts, and sport/agility exercises. Either way, you’ll be on your way to a new, fit body and a healthier you!

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