Beachbody Clean Week Workout Review: Day 1 Core Function

Beachbody?s newest workout, Clean Week will be available October 3. The first workout, Core Function is available now in Beachbody on Demand.

Core Function workout
I was excited to try the new workout from Megan Davies! She?s Beachbody?s newest trainer and created Clean Week to start you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

In this review, I?ll share my honest thoughts about the Clean Week workout so you can get an idea of whether it?s a good fit for you.

What is the Clean Week Workout from Beachbody?

The Clean Week workout program has four 30-minute workouts. I love that the workouts are short but effective. Each one doesn?t take much time but can make a huge difference.

It?s a seven-day program so you?ll do one workout each day of the week. Clean Week covers all the fitness fundamentals too! I like that the focus of the program is so diverse, covering Cardio, Strength, Core Function, and Flexibility.

It?s very well rounded and the moves are not complicated. Megan keeps it simple.

When it?s officially released in October 2017, The Clean Week program includes 4 easy-to-learn workouts, the Clean Week Meal Planner, a quick start guide, and a 7-day Shakeology sampler ? all for only $29.95.

That?s a great deal!

But first, I highly recommend you get into Beachbody on Demand and try the Core Function workout for yourself!

Review of Day Core Function Workout

Overall I really enjoyed the workout. It seems perfect for beginners. Megan keeps the moves simple, so anyone can follow along.

I dislike workouts with complicated moves that I can barely follow so I was happy that I could easily follow the moves in Core Function workout.

Megan does a great job of taking you through each move before you do the move. Again, they are simple, but she explains it very well.

The pace is average so I was able to keep up. You know those workouts where the pace is too difficult to keep up?

Well, Clean Week is not one of them! I didn?t feel like I was left behind with the pace.

All the exercises were low-impact too! Although I enjoy the more intense workouts, I usually have to modify due to issues with doing jumping moves.

With the Core Function workout, I didn?t have to modify anything. The low impact workout was challenging enough to make a difference, yet simple to do.

The new Beachbody workout is a great introduction to building exercise into your lifestyle. And if you are a Beachbody on Demand member, there are plenty of other workouts to move onto.

OR, you can do the Clean Week workout again.

Clean Week Nutrition Guides

Since only the Core Function workout is available as a sneak peek, I wasn?t able to look at the nutrition guide.

There is a Clean Week Meal Planner that breaks down your nutrition step by step.

You don?t even have to count calories! The meal planner gives you lots of choices for clean and simple recipes made with nutritious foods.

I look forward to that! When it comes to eating, I like to keep it simple yet get good nutrition. You?ll also learn about how Shakeology can help your healthy habits and even curb your cravings.


Megan Davies does a great job of teaching simple moves that can make a big difference in your life.

So if you?ve been thinking about living a healthier lifestyle, get started with Clean Week. You can try the Core Function workout now in Beachbody On Demand.