ChaLEAN Extreme Success Story – Lori Lost 40 Pounds

chalean exteme success storyLori can’t believe she is the same person. She lost 40 pounds and 8 inches off her waist with ChaLEAN Extreme fitness program. The sculpting and shaping on her 50 years old body is amazing! ChaLEAN Extreme will put plastic surgeons out of business!

Before ChaLEAN Extreme, Lori would look in the mirror and wonder who the fat lady was. She had trouble shopping for clothes and often went to the store and came home with nothing. She decided to try ChaLEAN Extreme to change her body. With ChaLEAN Extreme, every two weeks, Lori was dropping a dress size.

People at work call her the incredible shrinking woman! Lori feels so great to be healthy and is proof that ChaLEAN works!

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