Insanity Asylum Volume 2

We are so excited about Insanity Asylum Volume 2. It’s available now. Do you want that edge that separates the average person from the elite? Well, you can get it with this fitness program! In just 30 days, you will get advanced training techniques to turn you into a leaner, faster, and stronger person! Click […]

Insanity Asylum Volume 2 Coming in Fall 2012

In Insanity Asylum Volume 1, you heard Shaun T say, “The work doesn’t start until you get tired. You survived Insanity, now you got to get in.” In Asylum Volume 2, Shaun gives that term a whole new meaning. Shaun cranks up the Insanity by 10 levels in Asylum Volume 2 You’ll learn new moves […]

Insanity Asylum Featured on WPIX 11 News

Recently, Insanity Asylum was featured on WPIX 11 News, a television station in New York City. Asylum claims to be an intense and effective workout so Lisa Mateo, PIX Morning News Features Reporter, gave the workout a try with Shaun T. She got a few PIX employees together and headed over to New York Sports […]

Insanity The Asylum Deluxe

INSANITY: THE ASYLUM is the newest intense workout from Beachbody and Shaun T. It combines MAX Interval Training with progressive sports drills to push you to dig even deeper then you did with Insanity. Leading you through sports-based exercises is your expert fitness trainer, Shaun T. He makes sure that the drills get progressively harder. […]

Insanity Asylum Speed and Agility Review

Insanity Asylum is the newest extreme workout from Shaun T. This 30-day workout focuses on building speed, coordination, balance, agility, and power. According to the schedule, before you officially start Asylum, you should take the Athletic Performance Assessment, a 25-minute series of drills to help you track your fitness progress. I confess, I skipped it […]

Insanity The Asylum – Available Now

Insanity The Asylum is the first in-home sports training system by expert trainer, Shaun T (creator of Insanity). Asylum focuses on building strength, balance, agility, power, and coordination. Order Insanity The Asylum available now at Team Beachbody – $89.85 This 30-day fitness program includes progressive sports drills. There are not just repetitions. Something new is […]

Prepare for Insanity The Asylum Workout

Insanity: The Asylum is the newest home fitness program by expert trainer and athlete, Shaun T. Available now! only at Team Beachbody and we’ve heard some great feedback about it! The Asylum, a 30-day workout program, goes beyond Insanity, with a series of brutal workouts. With Insanity, you performed long bursts of maximum-intensity exercises with […]