Brett Hoebel – Mystery Trainer for The Biggest Loser Season 11?

The BIG news about “The Biggest Loser” is that in Season 11, two new trainers will join the cast. “The Biggest Loser” is a compelling weight-loss reality television show where two celebrity fitness trainers – Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper – help overweight contestants transform their bodies and health, leading to changed lives. Now starting […]

Gregg Lost 12 Pounds with RevAbs Fitness Program

Do you want to lose weight and get toned abs? So did Gregg! Before starting RevAbs, a 90-day fitness program, Gregg had no clue how to work his abdominal muscles. He also did not realize how important it was to have strong abs. But Brett Hoebel, creator of RevAbs, changed all that! After doing Rev […]

RevAbs Nutrition Guide Review

The RevAbs Nutrition Guide is included with Brett Hoebel’s RevAbs 90 day fitness program. The RevAbs Nutrition Guide is 65 pages of healthy meals, snacks, and recipes created to help you get flat, firm abs. The nutrition plan is also designed to give you plenty of energy to complete your Rev Ab workouts! Many people […]

RevAbs 90-Day Ab Fitness DVD Program with Brett Hoebel

Available Now! RevAbs is a new 90-day fitness program from Beachbody and Brett Hoebel that promises to revolutionize your ab workout. Rev Abs delivers results using a method called “abcentrics”, which “fires your abs” with every exercise so every move is an ab move! REVABS with Brett Hoebel is available now! ORDER REVABS 8 DVD […]

RevAbs with Brett Hoebel

You can do crunches all day and still not get 6 pack abs. To get great looking abs, you need a program that firms up your abs and burns off the fat that is covering them up. RevAbs is a complete 90-day fitness program to get you the best abs you ever had. Rev Abs […]

Get in Shape for Summer with Brett Hoebel’s Ab-revamp!

Brett Hoebel is an international fitness expert and one of the most sought-after weight-loss, nutrition & lifestyle coaches in New York. Brett has just launched his new 8-week Ab & body transforming program (June 15th) at 24-Hour Fitness called Ab-revamp! REVABS with Brett Hoebel is available now! BUY REVABS 8 DVD BASE or DELUXE KIT […]

Rev Abs with Brett Hoebel

REV ABS is a cutting-edge, ab-defining and body-toning program created by Brett Hoebel. REV ABS is a high-energy program that combines ab training, interval training and strength training with a spice of Afro-Brazilian capoeira to yield unparalleled results in 90-days. Brett Hoebel is an international fitness expert and one of the most sought-after weight-loss, nutrition […]