Power 90 Fat Burning Express Review

The Power 90 Fat Burning Express DVD is the latest addition to the Power 90, the 90-day at home fitness program created by Tony Horton. The Fat Burning Express DVD is a bonus that you get when you purchase Power 90. With Fat Burning Express, you can jump start your metabolism in just 35 minutes! […]

Power 90 Sculpt 1-2 Circuit Review

Power 90 is a 90-day at home fitness program by Tony Horton designed to tone your body, trim fat, and increase your strength. Sculpt 1 – 2 is one of six workout routines included with Power 90 and part of the Pase 1 – 2 Circuit. Power 90 is divided into 4 phases and is […]

Power 90 In-Home Boot Camp Review

Power 90 is a 90-day at home fitness program created by Tony Horton. You may have heard of Tony Horton from P90X, an extreme fitness program that can transform your body from fit to extremely ripped in 90 days! Power 90 uses a technique called Sectional Progression. Each move that you do works a specific […]

Is P90X for You?

You have seen the P90X infomercials, or maybe your friend told you about it and you are ready to get going! But wait. Ask yourself: is P90X really for you? Why not find out before you plunk down $120 plus tax and shipping? Don’t worry, if you are not quite ready for P90X, I will […]

Jeffrey A. Lost 26 Pounds with P90X

Jeffrey’s P90X success story doesn’t stop at losing 26 pounds! He also won $1,000 playing Beachbody’s Million Dollar Body game! The most physical activity Jeffrey was getting was chasing his kids around or the occasional walk. He also used his stomach problems as an excuse to not work out, eat unhealthy foods, and become lazy. […]

Dawn Lost 46 Pounds with Power 90

Power 90 by Beachbody was a lifesaver for Dawn, whose life was in a downward spiral. She was wearing up to size 18 jeans! Her before and after photos tell the story of her weight loss with Power 90. Dawn went from a size 18 to a size 6 and lost a whopping 46 pounds. […]

Melanie Lost 34 Pounds with Power 90

Melanie lost 34 pounds with Beachbody’s Power 90. She also gained confidence and overcame her shyness. This mother of five went from a size 16 to a 6! She is now walking down the beach in a bikini with confidence. If she can do so can you! You have to put work into it but […]

Aaron Lost 107 Pounds with Power 90

Aaron lost 107 pounds without surgery! Instead, he did it the healthy way with good eating habits and Power 90 home fitness program. He also lost 11 inches off his waist and saw his abs for the first time. Congratulations to Aaron for his amazing success story. Watch the video to hear more about Aaron’s transformation […]